Hiring Rare Birds?

We make a special kind of content—team profiles—that inspire smart people to leave their jobs for greener pastures. Smart recruiters use team profiles to start no-B.S. conversations and get butts in seats.

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Talent folks are in love

Dozens of talent teams have shifted to BYA and cut spend on LinkedIn Life, Glassdoor, BuiltIn, and the Muse.

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What kind of recruiter are you?

Note with X
To: Hard-to-hire person

Hiya! I’m a recruiter hunting rockstars like you! I’m not permitted to share anything interesting over email, but please, please, PLEASE talk to me on the phone—I promise it won’t be a total waste of your time!
Typical recruiter emails embarrass everyone and get abysmal response rates.
To: Hard-to-hire person

I respect your time, so I asked the team you’d join to record these short videos introducing themselves, answering questions you may have, and describing the challenges they’re excited to tackle with you.
Note with Check Mark
Emails that link to a BYA team profile get 2-3x better response rates.

Talent folks REALLY like team profiles

Multiple candidates told us our team profile was essential. It helped them relax as they prepared for interviews. I think they appreciated the recruiting process more, too. It was like, for once, they knew the room they were walking into.”

Cameron Price
Cameron Price

“We’re beyond thrilled with the results. I want to thank your team personally. This has been valuable not only to potential hires, but to our internal staff. Our team profile gave our team members a voice—and everyone is listening. I’ve never felt more optimistic about recruiting the next generation of employees.”

“Out of all of the marketing tools I’ve used for recruitment, Before You Apply is hands down the best one I’ve ever had experience with.”

Helenja Wolfaardt
Helenja Wolfaardt

Our profiles give us a leg up with talent. They’re an authentic way to explore tough questions about our business, and that’s earned us a great deal of trust with candidates.”

Ashley Erickson
Ashley Erickson

“Most people we interview reference the videos. It’s changed the nature of our screening calls, actually. We can dive a level deeper right off the bat, and the quality of conversations we’re having with candidates has absolutely improved.”

Piper Jackson-Sevy
Piper Jackson-Sevy

We don’t have a big budget for employer branding, so it’s incredibly helpful to have this resource. And the BYA team guided us through every step. It was so far beyond what other companies do in this space.”

Lissa Minkin
Lissa Minkin

Hey. I’m Nate, a co-founder here at Before You Apply. Ready to connect? Drop some time on my calendar—or feel free to email me at nate@beforeyouapply.com.

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