Before You Apply Team Profiles vs. The Muse

June 3, 2021
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Jackson Solway
Cofounder & CEO at Before You Apply
Jackson Solway
Cofounder & CEO at Before You Apply

Though the goals of different EB providers are ultimately similar, there are major differences in how these companies execute their process of defining an employer band that have an impact on the effectiveness of their services. In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast our practices at Before You Apply to those of The Muse (according to a former client) to illustrate how differences in each company’s process affect the strength and impact of their work.

What does Before You Apply do?

At BYA, we help companies define and establish their employer brand through the creation of compelling content — specifically, short video clips drawn from interviews with employees about working at the company and customized, collaborative copywriting that highlights a company’s strongest values. Our team includes experienced producers, copywriters, interviewers, and designers, so we have a good sense of what candidates care about and how to reach them. But we don’t have the final say: We work with our clients throughout each step of the two-week sprint to ensure our content accurately reflects the team and the company. We compile all of this content into a comprehensive team profile that can be viewed and shared online. The cost for an individual team profile is currently $5,000, and our clients own all of the content we create (without watermarks or subscription fees) with the purchase of a team profile.

The content we create at BYA is team-specific, meaning we choose to highlight individual teams at companies that are hiring rather than the company as a whole. Team-specific content resonates stronger with qualified candidates, since each team within a company (especially a mid- to large-sized company) has its own unique culture, brand, and working style. We also conduct our process entirely remotely, which requires regular communication with clients through email and Slack and interviews over Zoom.

What does The Muse do?

Like BYA, the most valuable service that The Muse provides to its clients is content creation to help market their employer brand. The Muse conducts interviews with employees, takes photographs of the team, and acquires copywriting directly from their clients to compile into an employee profile. Unlike BYA, The Muse doesn’t customize the copywriting from their clients to increase its resonance among candidates. They also execute their entire process on-site as opposed to the remote approach of BYA. However, former clients of The Muse offered mixed feedback about the quality of the employee interviews they conducted due to lack of research beforehand: The interviews by The Muse often focus on surface-level information candidates can find in other places and fail to highlight company values or dive deep into culture. Once created, all of the content from The Muse is watermarked, and companies have to pay a yearly subscription fee in order to keep using the content.

The Muse chooses to highlight entire companies that are hiring as opposed to the team-specific approach of BYA. Therefore, former clients of The Muse view their services as a quick and solid turnkey solution, but not necessarily the best customer-focused solution since candidates would prefer more granular, team-specific content. A former client told us that a two-year contract with The Muse cost their company over $30,000, or about the price of six team profiles from BYA.

Main Takeaways

  1. The Muse offers more of an “all-in-one” employer branding service to companies, requiring less thought and effort from their clients than BYA does. BYA’s process, from interviewing to copywriting, is more in-depth, team-specific, and customizable, and therefore requires more collaboration from the client side. For whichever route your company decides to take for employer branding, you’ll get out what you put in!
  2. BYA may seem like the cheaper option at $5,000/team profile, but the cost of The Muse’s services is comparable considering you’ll likely need to purchase multiple BYA team profiles if you’re hiring for more than one team. The major difference in price actually relates to content: Once you pay for your team profile from BYA, you own all the content permanently. If you choose The Muse, all of their content will be watermarked, and you’ll need to pay a subscription fee in order to keep using it.
  3. The Muse conducts their process on-site, while we conduct our process remotely at BYA. Therefore, The Muse can take photos of your company, office, and employees — a service that BYA doesn't provide as a remote company. However, there are benefits of doing business remotely with BYA: Our process is more flexible, there’s fewer time constraints, and, most importantly, we research your company and team before we interview employees so that we can dive deep and draw out the most compelling stuff instead of solely relying on the interviewees to guide our discovery.

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